The Council shall generally do all such things and take all such steps as it may consider necessary for the protection and development of the industry and of the interests of registered growers, and, in particular, to-

(a) encourage and promote co-operation among registered growers and between registered growers and others engaged in the industry;

(b) remove and obtain redress of all legitimate grievances of individual registered growers, of registered growers generally or of registered growers of particular sector, district or mill area;

(c) provide registered growers with goods and services relating to the business of cane-growing and agricultural diversification;

(d) establish, hold and administer funds for the benefit of registered growers;

(e) encourage and promote research and education with a view to improving the efficiency and productivity of registered growers and to collect, record and distribute information of value to registered growers; and

(f) perform such other functions as many be assigned to the Council by this Act, Master Award or any other written law.

The current target group exists of about 11,638 growers who are effectively growing cane at this moment.